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The Banting Real Meal Revolution

Breaking News: The HPCSA is to Appeal the Noakes Trial Verdict.

No detail yet, but apparently they have endless money, and they can sustain a situation where the legal battle continues for years if they choose.

On 21 April, 2017 the ADSA wrote about the result of the Noakes Trial. They tried to justify their complaint as an effort to protect children. They got severely caned by the public comments. There have been no posts or comments by the ADSA since.

The HPCSA, has not tweeted since December, 2015. Their web site isn't functional. Their Facebook page is full of complaints from members of the profession.

Here are some first reactions on Twitter to the announcement of the intention to appeal.
"Time to fight fire with fire. Sue for costs Prof."
"That simply means there'll be a follow up book!"
"I simply cannot believe their arrogance."
"Total insanity. Which institution hears the appeal?"
"They've got plenty money backing them and an entire industry to 'protect.'"
"Now you know how lethal all the testimony you gave was to this organizations reputation and credibility. They have to appeal."
"When their sponsors tell them to jump, they jump as best they can. "Gotta keep the sponsors happy........"
"It reminds me of Zuma and his legal battles. A weak case, but endless "funding" just like @HPCSA_. They will fight just because they can."
"You have to be kidding!! What an awful decision & waste of resources!! Do they understand the significance for them of losing the appeal??"

Better health - Can you tell by the face?

These men are all eating a Banting diet.

The Best FUEL for Your Body?

Here is Nutrition Australia, getting breakfast 100% WRONG. Their top recommendation; to restore your glycogen levels, breakfast should be high in carbohydrates. That means the first thing you do each day is turn on the hormone insulin, so you can start storing fat again. Madness.

When you wake up in the morning, provided you didn't raid the fridge at 3am, you are already burning fat. That's because your insulin levels will be low. Keep insulin low and fat burning will continue. It is that simple.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you have the right breakfast you probably won't need to eat again all day. Besides you'll burn fat all day, you won't be at all hungry and you'll have energy to burn. That's the ketone advantage.

Nic Gill at Work
Strength training

It's easy to understand why many of the All Blacks are using a Banting Diet, even though their dietitian doesn't understand it yet. (I'm not sure what happens in private, but some of her public statements are totally off the mark.) Nic Gill, professional strength and conditioning coach for the All Blacks, is totally committed to LCHF, being a triathlete himself. Not too much said about this in public, part of the secret ammunition. The All Blacks are lighter, stronger, quicker, and capable of running for the full game, not just for the first hour. Ask yourself why do the All Blacks surge into the lead at the end of most of their games? It's because they are fuelled by ketones, derived from fat. They are not glucose dependent.

So why does an old guy like me need to do that? Many reasons, extra energy, better sleep, improved eyesight, easy weight control, less inflammation in my body. Hidden benefit; if I was to suffer a traumatic brain injury, car accident, or fell off my bike, the fact that my brain is using 75% ketones for energy will protect me for 48 hours at least. If the hospital feed me carbohydrates they will destroy that protection. (This information from Dr Richard Veech.)That's all certain.

Then we get into uncertain territory. Protection from cancers, reduced likelihood of getting Parkinson's disease, and we suspect considerable protection against dementia.

What do I need to do besides adopting the Banting diet? I need to exercise, but because I'm already healthy, I enjoy exercise, that's easy. I need to have an active social life. Friends and family are important to all of us. I need to keep working, doing things that I think are important in the world. Like writing this newsletter, and helping as many people as possible to become healthy themselves.

In the Blog Last Month?

Beyond Weight Loss, Inflammation

Inflammation in the body is poorly understood. It's intended to be a temporary process which allows the body to focus resources on healing cellular damage.

Excess insulin in the body for a long period of time creates vascular damage throughout your body, in the end becoming diabetes, finally destroying the blood flow to the feet and the eyes and making you likely to have a heart attack. That's also inflammation.

A healthy diet is your best protection. Sadly, because of 60 years of bad dietary advice the diet most people believe is "healthy" has "no health benefits." I'm quoting from the Women's Health Initiative, report 2006. Eleven years later you would think that would be common knowledge. But Nutrition Australia don't know yet. And the ADSA don't know either. Quite likely you doctor knows, but won't tell you, because he's not supposed to let the secret out. The dietary guidelines for New Zealand control what a doctor or dietitian is allowed to say. And the guidelines are wrong, because we follow the American Dietary Guidelines. The American Dietary Guidelines and partially controlled by the Department of Agriculture, and their priority is to create a bigger market for wheat and corn. Change will be slow in coming from there.

Australian Video about Sugar

Australia is a sugar producing country. Sugar wars are ongoing. The University of Sydney is deep in the pocket of the Australian Sugar Industry. Australian politicians are reluctant to speak against the consumption of sugar.

Two things to note: first that calories are not all the same in a human body. (You are not a machine.) Your body responds differently to calories, depending on how the hormones in your body are balanced. If insulin is low you get one response, and if insulin is high you get a different response. Your body can up-regulate or down-regulate, to waste energy or to conserve it.

Second, it's the hidden internal fat in your body that's really damaging to your health. It's called visceral fat, and the development of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is usually what causes illness eventually. There are no symptoms for 20 or 30 years, so you might think you are healthy. Then one day, it becomes clear that you're very sick, and it's not easy to get well again. Especially if the dietary advice you are given is wrong, as is most often the case.

Living a Happy Healthy Life

Robert Waldinger

The Harvard Study of Adult Development (Started in 1938) takes us to the end of life. The Dunedin Study (Started in 1972) tells us about childhood and takes us into adult life. The most important points; your childhod deeply affects the rest of your life. If a man loves his mother, that security stays with him through the tough times that everyone has.

However, if your childhood was unfortunate, it's still possible by marriage and family and friends, to build a new foundation on which to develop trust and love.

None of the usually objectives people set themselves in life, the things they strive for, the goals they set, are important in the long run. What really matters are long-lasting friendships.

Inflammation and Exercise

Body Shape
Dr Ted Naiman - GP

Your doctor doesn't have much in the way of defence's against inflammation in the body. You can take anti-oxidant capsules of course, but that's apparently not very effective. A few natural berries are better. Statins are effective, and in fact that may be the only reason why statins are effective against heart attacks. Nothing to do with cholesterol and everything to do with reducing inflammation in the body. Still, statins have side effects and are best avoided, if you can.

The best way forward is to prevent creating the inflammation in the first place. Now we get into disputed territory. Vegetarians swear that a vegetarian diet is anti-inflammatory. I'll testify against that, I got sick on fruit. I now believe the the Banting Diet is anti-inflammatory and I've got blood tests to prove it.

However, brimming with confidence, I strayed off the path a little and got an itchy skin. Back on the diet, the problem went away.

The poor health most of us develop after the age of 50, is 20 or 30 years in the making. When we get sick we think it's "normal" we expect to be overweight and to have some pain and to be on medication. Please believe me that's common, most people are like that, but it's not normal and it's not necessary. Look at the picture of Dr Ted Naiman, now 43.

Exercise will help your body to maintain homeostasis and to control inflammation. There is great value in the walking cure.

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