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Better personal health largely depends on what you think.

Good News: Everyone can have better health, if you thoughtfully change just ONE thing at a time.
Discover what works, by making small changes in what you do.

Wrong Knowledge Causes Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes.

Individuals are Never to Blame.   Better Knowledge is Here.

What you can learn here may challenge your core values, who you are. and what you believe. This isn't easy, it will take time. Better health, and maybe several extra years of healthy life, may be on the table. The new science isn't so hard; so make the effort to read the science. We believe what we say here is reliable, but you don't need to depend on Open Future Limited. Do your own work.

We all believe many things about health that are not valid. We keep making wrong decisions; thinking "that's healthy."

If you can take the time to "deschool" yourself and re-learn, you can resolve these issues for yourself.

You create your own better health. That starts with improved knowledge. Being aware that you can improve your health, and quietly trying to do that, by making informed choices, and keeping simple records, will work for you in time. You have to make good sense, in your own way, from the health information available. This web site is intended to help you, but you still need to do your own learning.

Don't learn nutrition science from Open Future Health, watch this video:
David Diamond- Demonization and Deception in Cholesterol Research Sept. 2015

Unlearn your wrong knowledge.   Getting better dietary knowledge, takes time, maybe a year or more.

Please don't wait a year to begin, and don't lose touch: subscribe to the newsletter. Better health is possible.

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21 January, 2016