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We are all indoctrinated. We have been told to eat a healthy diet. Each one of us has tried to do that. Now we are told that our "healthy diet" isn't so healthy and might be making us sick for too long, old too early, and dead ten years too soon.


Why do I say might be making us sick? In theory eating lots of different foods, in a moderate way should keep us healthy. But in fact most of us rely on eight foods for about 90% of our diet, and we only eat about 20 things, each week. In particular we've been told to eat lots of carbohydrates, 55-60% of our diet and to avoid saturated fats. We've done that. We've over-done that.

Twenty years later, too many of us have become carbohydrate intolerant; insulin resistant, and we have several health problems ALL of which are caused by our poor diet. But we refuse to believe it. The solution is an education. Make a real effort to learn for yourself what the new science is saying. Once you understand that, start removing some carbohydrates from your diet, and include more fats. Find out about the "Take Out Diet." Continue your education. Your health will improve.

John Veitch

An introduction
Our knowledge of nutrition is tightly controlled by professional bodies and by the messages the food industry wants us to believe. Much of what we've been taught to believe about food is has no basis in science, even though those who now claim to offer us "Local Fileevidence Based advice" tell us that they have Local Fileprofessional knowledge.

Finding a Heart Healthy Diet
When the dietary standards for most developed societies were written, they copied the Local FileAmerican Standard Diet soon after 1980. The focus in the minds of the politicians who made that legislation was to recommend a "Heart Healthy Diet" often called the "Prudent Diet."

The Standard American Diet and it's Effects.
Sadly the recommended diet did not have any dramatic effect on heart health, or on the other problem, cancer. Instead, obesity increased, and Local Filea number of lifestyle diseases became common, making the health of all the nations in the English speaking world, and beyond, much worse. There is recognition of this reality. In South Africa, the language of recent guidelines has changed. In Brazil they have chosen to promote a Local Filesimple ten step healthy diet guide.

Lipophobia and the Sugar Debate
A key message in the "Local FileHeart Healthy Diet" was to limit fat in the diet, particularly saturated fat. This meant by necessity, that people needed Local Fileto eat more carbohydrate than was normal. It's also left most of us with a fear of dietary fat that isn't at all supported by science.

Our Hybrid Metabolic (Fuel) System
We've never been taught about a Local Filehybrid metabolic system we all have. The lipid metabolic system can fuel our bodies almost entirely with dietary fat. It's the metabolism we all used when we were being breast fed by our mothers. The glucose metabolic system can fuel our bodies almost entirely with glucose and carbohydrates.

The Obesidemic Environment and Commercial Influence
The current level of obesity in society isn't the fault of individuals. Our governments, and professional groups and industry have worked together to create an obesidemic environment. They might have begun with good intentions, but their actions have had unintended consequences.

Professionals Oppose the Paradigm
Today, with the Internet, it's become quite clear that Local Filethere are many professionals who believe that Local Filethe current dietary guidelines do not help community health. There is growing scientific evidence that a change in those dietary standards is badly needed. A growing number of professionals are openly saying so, sometimes at the risk of their professional status.

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