“Our primary community focus is the nutrition area where numerous activities such as the new Cook for Life program, The Millennium Institute of Sport & Health initiatives, MILO grassroots sport & nutrition support and Be Healthy Be Active school program are some examples of our commitment to nutrition, health and wellness for all New Zealanders."

Veronique Cremades,
Country Manager & CEO,
Nestlé New Zealand

"This is in line with our objective to be the trusted leader in Nutrition, Health and Wellness and with our way of doing business by Creating Shared Value."

They are selling sugar, but you wouldn't know that from the advertising.

The Marketing of Milo in New Zealand



Sugar companies around the world tell us we MUST exercise for good health.

"This programme aims to raise awareness of the importance of good nutrition and an active lifestyle for school aged children throughout the world."

Be Healthy Be Active

"The New Zealand initiative is a programme called Be Healthy Be Active. This is aimed at teachers of students in years 7 & 8; these children are aged from 10-13 years which are critical years in forming good lifetime habits of eating well and enjoying being active."

Nestlé New Zealand, are pretending to be nutritional experts. They are actively distorting the public understanding of good nutrition, encouraging people to look to sugar as an energy source.

The consumer advocacy group in Australia, Choice, gave Milo a special "Shonky Choice Award" in 2016.