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Which One Looks Most Like You?

Most of us don't believe that better health is possible. That's got to be wrong.
These people prove it. Just new thinking, and knowledge to make a simple diet change.

Everywhere you look there are people with puffy faces and fatty livers, and illness coming soon.

Man aged 49 The same man aged 50
Surgeon reluctant to operate. Surgery not required.

Poor knowledge about diet is the only barrier between our present health and better health for most of us.

Unhappy woman The same woman a year later.

The knowledge is about the hormone insulin, metabolic syndrome, and how to never be hungry.

There a hundreds of pictures like this in the Internet, and thousands of success stories. All it takes is the right KNOWLEDGE. You can get that knowledge here, but you need to engage in the process, it's not a five minute fix, and there's no pill to buy.

The main hormones are insulin and Leptin..
Carbohydrate intolerance can develop causing resistance to insulin
The sickness caused is metabolic syndrome
The dietary solution is the Banting Diet.

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