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Credited to Prof. Gerald Reaven, endocrinologist at Stanford.

Good News: About 50% of us suffer from Metabolic Syndrome, and it's not necessary. Change what you know. Then you can change what you do.

Six metabolic disorders with a single common cause

Doctors are still treating people with metabolic syndrome "diseases" as though they have six different medical problems. Prof. Gerald Reaven, makes the point that there is one problem, your diet. Local FileThe Banting Diet, promoted by this site and WWW LinkThe Real Meal Revolution, is a solution to how you should change your diet. Local FileStart slowly if you like.


Metabolic SyndromeIt's well known, that in older people at least, it's very hard Local Fileto lose weight on the recommended low-fat diet. Apparently over time, when high daily carbohydrate supply is good (excessive?), our metabolism changes and Local Filewe become carbohydrate intolerant.

When you have insulin as the dominant hormone, any excess glucose (or carbohydrate that is turned into glucose) will be converted into stored fat. Your control over insulin, is in choosing what to eat. No sugar, and no carbohydrate in the diet, turns off the demand for insulin.

With a glucose metabolism, stopping fat accumulation, requires Local Filechoosing not to eat food you would like to eat.

High Blood Pressure

We've been told to reduce salt in the diet. High blood pressure is another indicator of carbohydrate intolerance in your body. Salt is necessary for the body and people suffer brain dysfunction, fatigue, weakness, as well as leg cramps if their salt levels are low. A LCHF diet, will bring blood pressure down.

High Fasting Triglycerides

Local FileTriglycerides are fatty acids, and high fasting triglycerides are associated with future heart disease. In the presence of insulin, excess triglycerides are stored as fat. In the absence of insulin, they are burned as energy. That's why, fasting triglycerides can be low, in spite of a high-fat diet.

High Blood Serum Insulin

Over time poor diet causes insulin resistance to develop, finally becoming type 2 diabetes. The best way to correct this problem is to control insulin release by eating a Local Filelow-carbohydrate high-fat diet.


Gout is a response to excess uric acid in the blood serum. That is also a metabolic problem. If you suffer from gout, in the transition from a glucose metabolism to a ketone metabolism, the gout will get worse. However, Local Fileonce the use of ketones is normalised, the gout should go away.

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