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Sources of Expertise

Richard K Bernstein Type One Diabetic, MD, Author
Dominic D'Agostino
Annika Dahlqvist Swedish MD, "Best Practice"
Dr Trudi Deakin PhD
Andreas Eenfeldt The diet doctor, Swedish
Richard Feinman Prof. Biochemistry
Gary Fettke Surgeon, Tasmania, Silenced
Jason Fung Canadian MD, Medical practitioner education
Dr Zoe Harcombe
Dr Tamsin Lewis Triathlete/Psychiatrist
Timothy Noakes Sports Medicine Specialist
Arjun Panesar CEO of
Stephen Phinney 30 years LCHF Experience
Fredrik Nyström Swedish Nutrition Expert
Grant Schofield Prof. Public Health
Thomas Seyfried
Jeff Volek Leading Resercher - Small detained studies
Eric Westman New Atkins Diet
Dr Caryn Zinn PhD

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21 January, 2016