Open Future HealthDr Caryn Zinn - Dietitian and sports nutritionist.

Senior lecturer at AUT's School of Sport & Recreation

She is a New Zealand Registered Dietitian and focuses her research on whole-food, low carbohydrate, healthy fat (LCHF)- based nutrition in relation to metabolic health and sports performance.

Auckland University of Technology
Public Health

LCHF Back to the Future Seminar - Caryn Zinn - "Low Carb Healthy Fat"

Meet the team at the clinic

We’re a group of whole-food dietitians and nutritionists that are full of passion about what we do and practice what we preach. We aim to help our clients achieve their goals through providing a personalised and honest service. Because you come with your own unique set of demographics, genetic and metabolic traits, and diverse lifestyle situations, we believe that you deserve your own set of nutrition strategies that suits your (and your family’s) needs. We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach, but we do believe in basing your style of eating on whole, unprocessed, minimally packaged food as much as possible. Our consultations and advice reflect this personalised and whole-food approach. For more information about the team and details around our service, WWW Linksee the Caryn Zinn Nutrition website.

Current Research Projects:

Low Carb Kids: a weight loss feasibility study looking at whole food, LCHF eating for overweight children and their families.

A 12-week LCHF diet improves metabolic health outcomes over Usual Care, in a randomised control trial with overweight defence force personnel.

Neighbourhoods for active kids: The built environment and children’s body size: An investigation into the mediating effects of physical activity and nutritional behaviour.

Effects of high intensity intermittent exercise training on insulin sensitivity and metabolic control of pre-diabetic youth.

Exploring eating and physical activity profiles and patterns of New Zealanders.

Cost-effectiveness of consuming LCHF vs mainstream nutrition style.

Nutrient analysis of LCHF plans.

Development of LCHF resources for a low socio-economic population group with type 2 diabetes.

An investigation into the sugar content of baby foods (complementary feeding).

An investigation into the meaning of the term “whole foods.”

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