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Diabetes Care from the Community for the Community

"Community-led, data-driven, evidence-based digital health interventions that improve health outcomes."

The biggest achievement we have made and what we’re really proud of, is the fact is improving the health of people who have diabetes, and as a consequence we’re saving health services money.

We’re passionate about engagement. With over 15 million people visiting us each year, we now look at goal conversions. That means how many people engage with our posts, join the community, and download the forum apps

A growing proportion of our traffic is from outside the UK. With thousands of forum members praising the benefit of the forum and site on their health/diabetes, we have always had the ambition of growing into an international business, especially as there is very little that exists elsewhere that is extensive as

We began with – a new worldwide service for people with type 2 non-insulin dependent diabetes, to help people take control of their blood glucose and reduce their HbA1c. Typically, people with type 2 diabetes do not have access to a blood glucose meter and test strips. However, on the same note, without a blood glucose meter and test strips, it is difficult to understand the effect food, exercise, medication and illness can have on your blood glucose levels.

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