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Diet Doctor

Towards a brighter future

Our plan for 2016 is to make low carb simple. We aim to vastly improve our guides to effortless weight loss, vibrant health and mind-blowing diabetes reversal on low carb. And become the world’s most trustworthy, simple and inspirational place for it.

But even that important task is just a beginning. We have bigger ideas for the future, beyond the present goals.

The health problems that the world faces are huge, the suffering is massive and in many ways it is getting worse. Many of those health problems are not necessary. They can be prevented or even cured. Someone must make that happen.

We need to work on getting closer to the truth. We need to willingly discard failed old ideas, remove the plague of biased misinformation caused by industry funding, and focus on the simple things that work.

Then the truth must be made easily available to the world, in a way that inspires people to improve their lives and reach for their potential.

We will do whatever we can to achieve that. We’ll keep working towards our purpose. Empowering people everywhere to revolutionize their health.

The Diet Doctor

Sometimes important things have small beginnings and the Diet Doctor organization began in a very small way. It began in 2007 with the blog of a family doctor, Andreas Eenfeldt. And it started with the observation that patients were not getting healthier.

Doctors are supposed to help people become healthy. But most of Dr. Eenfeldt’s job turned out to be giving people more pills.

Dr. Eenfeldt went searching online for a better way to treat common and apparently life-long problems like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. What he found shocked him.

There was another way, a way that did not just focus on drugs to cover up the symptoms of disease. People had known about this for decades, perhaps even centuries. New science proved that it worked.

Fortunately there was a new and effective way to spread knowledge widely to anyone who was interested: starting a blog. So in 2007 Dr. Eenfeldt started the blog “Kostdoktorn” – a Swedish word that means “Diet Doctor”. The goal was to make it simple for anyone to learn about low carb, high fat nutrition and discuss their results.

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