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Better personal health largely depends on your own knowledge.

Good News: Everyone can improve their knowledge. To do that you have to read and experiment with your own lifestyle, and keep some notes about what you are doing, so that you learn more quickly.

I hope that the information I've collected for you here will help you begin your research in the right place. You need to know that the last ten years has produced a remarkable new line of research that turns on it's head almost everything you though you knew about what a healthy diet is.

The one page that explains the Banting Diet is here, but you really need to read deeply around the topic, first. This page allows you to do that. You can't learn what you need to know in five minutes.

Get better dietary knowledge: there is much to learn and that takes time, maybe a year of more.

The Keys to Developing a Healthy Lifestyle


This is difficult to understand, but the "Local Filehealthy diet" we've been told to eat for more than 40 years is the cause of the obesity in the community. The low-fat and high-carbohydrate diet, low in meat and saturated fats, is causing the problem. The dietary recommendation is wrong, that diet has been shown (proven) not to be healthy. The real food diet this site promotes is backed by the best new science.

The "Healthy Diet Everyone Knows," is NOT Healthy

There is access to all the evidence in this site, but you only need to know about two things. Local FileThe Women's Health Initiative, and the Local FileSwedish trial of doctor Annika Dahlqvist.

Low Carb High Fat Research: early 2000's

About this same time Dr Gary Foster at the University of Pennsylvania was doing a study funded by the National Institutes of Health. Dr Foster expected to find that a high fat diet produced negative health results, but was surprised to discover the opposite.

Local FileDr Jeff Volek was doing research that would prove to be highly influential. Prior to 2005 there were at least 20 papers in the USA, and perhaps 50-100 around the world confirming this effect. So studies to disprove the LCHF concept were being mounted.

One in particular is worth noting. The American Heart Association funded the University of Cincinnati to do a clinical study to show that the high fat diet was bad for the heart. The study when completed showed the opposite, confirming the work we are doing.

Health Knowledge

You can only apply health knowledge in your life, if your have acquired that knowledge for yourself. Local FileSo much of what our parents taught us isn't valid. Even today, supermarket shelves, magazines and our doctors tell us things that science shows are not valid. So it's time to re-evaluate what you know. If weight control is a problem, you need better knowledge.

Start with Nutrition

The Greeks understood that Local Filethe first medicine is proper nutrition. We are living longer, but vast numbers of us live in pain, and suffer from obesity, and fear of cancer and Alzheimer's disease. These are ALL lifestyle diseases, that we should be able to avoid. The first step is to reconsider your "healthy" diet. Local FileWhat most of us consider "a healthy diet" has "no health benefits".

If you are going Local Fileto change your diet, begin slowly. Since losing weight is important to many people, the first step is to Local Filechange what you eat for breakfast.

Metabolic Syndrome

Local FileMetabolic Syndrome is a set of six common problems that all have the same common cause. They are not separate diseases. High blood pressure, high triglyceride's, obesity, high cholesterol, high blood serum insulin, and gout.

Work and Exercise

Local FileYour life should be active and purposeful. We need to be mentally, socially and physically engaged to live well. We all need friends and family, and exciting things to do each day.

Lifestyle Change

Humans live in families and engage in social activities. Local FileHow we choose to live is influenced by the way our friends think and behave. Drinking, smoking, obesity, being fit or not, runs in families and extends to friends and associates.


It's possible that to get the best health outcomes Local Filethat you will need to purchase some supplements to your food. Fish-oil capsules, for instance. Possibly some other things too, like Vitamin D, iron or magnesium supplements. Proceed quietly. People who are Banting need to consume more common salt that they used to eat.

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