Open Future HealthStart Your Dietary Changes Slowly

It takes quite a long time, several months, to learn what's wrong with your "healthy diet," and to discover ways to improve your eating habits.

If you are going to explore healthy eating options, it's a step by step process. If you make too many changes too quickly, you'll have no idea what "works."

Start Your Dietary Changes Slowly

Physical Preparation

Take the sugar out of your diet.

Make a list of all the foods containing sugar that you use. Plan to eliminate those foods from your diet. Stop buying them.

Don't try to do this entirely alone. You'll make much faster progress is you join a group. I recommend joining the Local File one of our paid options, but if you really don't believe us at least subscribe for the Local FileFree Monthly Newsletter.

Remove Bread from your diet. Local FileNo bread or cereal for breakfast, is a good start.

Later on, decide to have bread only once a day.

Then, cut back to one slice a day. Finally, cut it out altogether.

Learn to Prepare ONE Low Carb Recipe a Week

I suggest you begin with Banting Seed Crackers.

Then find some interesting breakfast recipes.

Learn how to make Banting Shepherds Pie with cauliflower mash

Start your Health Diary

Local FileWrite down what you are learning.

Make your changes one at a time, and not too quickly.

Write down what's happening. Try to give your notes some firm numbers, weights, measures, or scores.

Prepare some standard recipe cards, for perhaps twenty common meals. Research the carbohydrate/protein/fat content of those recipes.

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