Open Future HealthLow Carbohydrate and High Fat Breakfast

One easy way to reduce your weight is to control what you eat at breakfast.

Good News: Everyone can have better health, if you thoughtfully change just ONE thing at a time. Discover what works!

Low Carbohydrate and High Fat Breakfast

It's argued that because of our diet, we are all likely to develop Local Filemetabolic syndrome. The most obvious pointer to future health problems is a loss of weight control. That signals the danger of developing Local Filetype two diabetes.

Your Weight is Hormone Controlled


This breakfast is 2gm Carbs,
35gm fat, and 30gm protein.

Try to understand that your weight is controlled by your hormones, and that you can easily control your hormones by how you choose to eat. That, quite simple, new knowledge, makes the weight problem both understandable and repairable. What you eat and how you eat makes a big difference.

50 Years of Bad Advice

That's why what you have for breakfast is important. For 50 or 60 years we've been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that we should avoid fat for breakfast. So trying to be healthy, we eat cereals with low fat milk and margarine on toast. Local FileThe advice is wrong, and it's making us fat.

My breakfast is usually bacon and an egg plus something else, today it's black pudding, but it might be tomatoes or lambs fry, or liver, or ox kidney, or chicken livers.

Keep Fat Burning Going

On many days, once you understand the principle; you can keep burning fat all day until the evening meal.

Avoid sugar and avoid carbohydrates. Learn how to make saturated coffee or tea.

Then at the evening meal have what you would normally eat, avoiding sugar of course. Try to limit or eliminate pasta and bread and potatoes, but you don't need to be religious about it, ask for a smaller helping.

Mostly, eat what everyone else is eating. Insulin will turn on, and for a few hours you'll burn glucose. Go for a walk after the evening meal if you want to ease some of it away.

Three hours after that meal, fat burning will switch on again, if you can avoid having a biscuit or a cake for super. Have a drink of saturated tea instead. Go to bed contented and you'll burn fat all night, and be slimmer in the morning.

Making Saturated Coffee or Tea

If you increase the fat content of your meal, or you drink, you will feel "full" and you won't be looking for a snack in a short time.

Make tea or coffee as usual. Add a big lump of butter, or coconut oil. About a whole pat of butter, or a tablespoon of butter is ideal. If you usually have milk, add cream instead. Both cream and butter are fine. Personally, I prefer coconut oil, but it's expensive.

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